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Beard Balm vs Wax: Which One Should You Be Using?
Oct 11, 2018

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Beard Balm vs Wax: Which One Should You Be Using?

Understanding the difference between beard balm vs wax can be a bit confusing at first.

For instance when you first look at a can of beard balm, one of the ingredients listed there is beeswax – the same ingredient that is of course found in beard wax.

Are they both the same product?

At what point should you use a beard balm vs beard wax?

Does one have any sort of benefits over the other?

Well here is just about everything you ever wanted to know (and then some) about the two products and how they exactly fit into your beard care routine.

First off lets look at beard balm and what its all about…

Beard Balm Is Best For A For a Softer and Healthier Looking Beard

Beard balm is great in that it typically contains 4 core ingredients.

First off you have the carrier oil.

Carrier oil if you aren’t aware is the ingredient that gives you many of the health benefits of this balm.

Carrier oils like jojoba or argan, are responsible for making your beard super soft, and of course give a natural healthy over all look to that mane of yours.

Both beard balms and waxes have their own distinct purposes.

Not only that, but carrier oils are a great way to cure beardruff (dandruff for your beard).

If its your first ever time using a beard balm, its always best to make sure that you use one that has a carrier oil like jojoba or argan oil.


These oils are closest to the natural sebum oil that your skin produces on a regular basis.

Therefore when applied, there is a very small chance of any sort of allergic reaction. In addition to being so non-abrasive of an oil, its also really likely to not cause any sort of uptick in acne since its just so close to the natural sebum oil.

However, if you don’t have very sensitive skin, fear not, try different beard balms with alternative carrier oils (sweet almond, etc).

The second part of a beard balm is the essential oil.

Essential oils are what gives any beard balm the majority of its scent.

Think of essential oils as the natural cologne for your beard (yes essential oils are usually derived from plants or roots and are 100% all natural).

The one draw back to essential oil generally is that they can be a bit harsh on the skin. Even if you do have pretty thick skin, if there was too much in the beard balm you are using, it may cause some tenderness – again always make sure you patch test for allergies before you apply to your whole face.

The third crucial ingredient to beard balm is butter.

Instead in beard balm, the butter is typically a shea or cocoa butter. This helps with the actual spreadability of the balm in its final form.

There are a few added skin benefits to butters like shea or cocoa in that it helps moisturize the skin underneath your beard – further helping to reduce beardruff.

Last but not least is the beeswax!

Beeswax within beard balm serves its purpose to give your beard very slight styling properties.

Both beard balms and waxes have their own distinct purposes.

JDK-BP-0881 (2)

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