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Handles of Shaving Brushes
Sep 13, 2018

The handle of the shaving brush should be balanced so that it can be held comfortably in the hand and has a strong grip. Brush manufacturers usually provide different sizes and weights depending on the size of your hands.

JDK-SB-0808 (8)_resize.JPG

The handle uses a variety of materials. The most common are metals, wood, horns, and synthetic materials.

Metal handles are usually made of brass and then chrome plated or nickel plated to increase their durability. The chrome is shining, and the nickel looks a bit dark and warm. On the other hand, aluminum is anodized to harden the surface and increase its resistance to water and scraping.

Wooden handles can be made from a variety of wood, such as pine, sycamore, white wax, beech and olive. Sometimes you can even find more exotic wood types, such as swamp oak. This kind of timber is taken from the trunk of the tree, which is embedded in the marsh for thousands of years. African black wood handle has high water repellency. The surface of the handle of the cypress wood is sealed by unique technology, so it is completely waterproof. 

The handle made of synthetic materials is very durable, but it does not always have a noticeable tactile experience.

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