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How to Comb an Afro
Oct 10, 2018


How to Comb an Afro with JDK Afro Comb

Caring for your afro is easy, as long as you use the right products and treat it with care! Before you style your afro, you want to detangle it properly. It is best to detangle hair when it is wet, and you can apply leave-in conditioner and natural oils to keep your hair hydrated. Comb through your hair in small sections, and twist or braid each section as you go. Once your hair is combed, grab a pick and comb through it from root to tip. Pat down your afro to create a beautifully round shape. With some patience and practice, your afro will look great!

Remove your pick from your hair when you get to the ends. It is important to avoid damaging the ends of your hair. To prevent this, move the pick out of your afro when you reach the end of your hair, rather than pulling it all the way through.[11]

This also provides ample definition and volume, so you can get the best shape possible.

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