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JDK Shaving Brush Life Knowledge
Oct 08, 2018

JDK Shaving Brush Life Knowledge


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Presumably, most male friends will choose to shave their beards from middle-aged uncles into frensh man, not only for hygiene, but also for more comfort. So what we should pay an attention to when shave?


1. I believe that many men will apply shaving cream directly with their fingers. But you certainly don't know that the brush is the standard for shaving! The most comfortable feeling of a man is to show people a clean face, not shiny, not unshaven. Not only can you show yourself more self-confidence, but also increase your personal charisma. Although most people are used to using electric power shaving brushes, people who are slightly more concerned will still use traditional manual shaving methods to choose a suitable one. The shaving brush makes it inevitable. The shaving brushes on the market are mainly foreign products. However, there are several quality products in the country which are quite good. It can be said to be inexpensive. It is worth starting.


2. The brush is also called a shaving brush and a beard brush. It is a tool used by men when shaving with shaving soap (gel foam. shaving foam). The brush instead of the hand to brush the foam can not only remove the skin keratin in the beard, but also make the foam evenly penetrate into the root of the beard, so that the beard is fully moisturized and softened by the foam, and the beard will be easily cut off when shaving, and it will feel more comfortable. There is no tingling sensation and it is smoother and smoother after shaving. The process of shaving is also a process of enjoyment, the process of self-precipitation and sublimation. A good shaving brush allows the foam to enter your hair follicle evenly and also helps to bring the blade closer to the skin. In addition, the razor has an exfoliating function that helps remove dead skin cells. But don't choose a brush that is too cheap. These brushes usually contain rosin, glue, which are poor binders. Recommended hair brush, it is one of the best shaving tools to help you avoid being scratched by a razor

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3.How to use the shaving brush?

1: Wet your face with water. In fact, it is enough to wash your face.

2: Put the shaving foam into a small bowl, mix it with a wet brush of water, apply it to the beard and soften the beard.

3: The most important thing If you can keep softening for 1 minute, OK, your shaving will be very comfortable. 

Persist for softening for 2-3 minutes, perfect and enjoy, obviously feel the soft beard when shaving with razor , that will be cool!

4: After shaving, wash the face foam with water, rinse the skin impurities and beard on the razor, rinse the brush, and happily go out.