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Magnetic Properties Scalp Comb function
Jul 19, 2018

Magnetic Properties The scalp comb is based on the traditional theory of viscera and meridians and the theory of cerebral cortex in the corresponding projection area of the head, skillfully put magnets in the scalp comb, the magnetic field of biological effects (improve local blood circulation, sedation, stop itching) and massage in combination with the comb scratch method, designed to be one side of the coarse teeth, one side of the structure of fine teeth, The thick-toothed side of the built-in magnets for magnetic therapy and comb the cylindrical blunt shape design can also do scraping massage, can dredge meridians, blood circulation, improve scalp and intracranial nutrition, regulate brain function, enhance the nutrition of brain cells, improve local blood circulation, prevent hair loss headache dandruff, and so on, fine teeth side normal comb hair use.