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Repair of the horn comb
Jul 19, 2018

If you have a bend, you can bake it on the fire and then use the appropriate weight for a period of time to recover. Yellow horn, color yellow translucent, more or less mixed with black or brown blood lines, the water horn, bright black color, inverse brightness, if there is white powder is a corner comb grinding process of powder, gently wipe it; good horn comb feel moist, thick. The horn has a rounded color, good feel and no static electricity. The water horn black reflection is soft and bright, black as carbon no noise (comb part has white, is polished angle comb wax protection angle comb, not noise, gently scraping can be removed); yellow horn is yellow translucent, feel comfortable, color moist, each horn will have more or less, black or bloodshot noise. The natural shape of the horn comb will not be deformed because of the near water, because the ox horn product is to keep the bone angle itself naturally shaped, so will not deform, but try not to close the water, otherwise time will lose luster.