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Sandalwood Comb
Jul 19, 2018

Sandalwood because of its hard wood, aroma and fragrance of the eternal, colorful and changeable and hundred poison, eternal immortality, but also to ward off evil, it is also known as the Holy Tan. The world only has tan, sandalwood, green tan, rosewood, ebony, red tan and so on, and the number is extremely limited. Its strong texture, color gorgeous changeable, fragrance fragrance eternal, and hundred poison not invade, and can ward off evil treatment, so people often put it as a mascot, to protect safe and auspicious. Green Tan because of its noble characteristics, in the ancient Chinese court is very popular, the official nobility are generally worn. Tan comb comb in China has thousands of years of history, generally used to comb the sandalwood often have green tan, rosewood, ebony, red tan several kinds of, especially to rosewood for your expensive, comb carpenter's family of sandalwood comb used in exquisite, beautifully crafted, deeply loved by people.