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Use of angle Comb
Jul 19, 2018

The horn is made from horns, and the horn is a traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times. Comb the hair with a horn, you can go to the dirt and not touch, solution urticant but not painful, moist but do not hang hair, still have accelerate scalp blood circulation, can enhance immunity, clear yanliang blood, analgesic stop urticant, prevent static electricity, do not lose hair, dispel crumbs to protect hair, shujinhuoxue, soothe the nerves to strengthen the brain, promote hair growth and so on unique health function. As the saying goes, "thousands of hair, head not white." Every morning and evening with the horn comb, from the front backwards, and then gently touch the scalp to scrape the comb several times. To force average, for many years with the angle comb combing, can be sparse through the collaterals, promote the head blood circulation, prevent hair malnutrition and cause long white hair, blonde and hair loss.