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The Main Function Of Comb
Jul 19, 2018

Hair grooming is part of the grooming, and the right comb hair can beautify appearance, protect hair, health care brain and so on. The head is "the first of all Yang", the human body's 12 meridians and seven through the eight veins also converge in this. Head acupoints have dozens of, about 1/4 of the whole body points, there are more than 10 specific stimulation areas, so hair comb has the effect of health care. In the process of combing the hair, through the "Hundred will ",  "four Shenkong ", "star" and other points of stimulation, can increase the blood flow at the root of the hair, enhance the activity of melanin cells, and increase the number of hair ball melanin cells, Ufa's "nutrition" will be supplemented. And, on the scalp, there are a lot of blood vessels, nerves, sebaceous glands, sweat glands and so on, combing not only to remove dandruff and grease, and when the comb in the head back and forth gently across, can stimulate nerve endings, through the cerebral cortex to regulate the head nerves and let the head tension of the state to relax, promote blood circulation, so that hair follicles, sebaceous glands The sweat glands are fully nourished. For the material of the comb, plastic is not suitable, Chinese medicine thinks comb, especially zaomu, boxwood comb best.

More luxurious, you can use the horn comb or jade, it is not only on the hair, but also for the health of the guarantee, such as the horn comb with heat-quhuo health effects, often with mahogany comb comb hair can ward off evil spirits and so on. The keratin is a kind of Chinese medicine, use it to make the angle comb is the best choice that protects the hair. Comb the hair with a horn, you can go to the dirt and not touch, solution urticant but not painful, moist but do not hang hair, still have accelerate scalp blood circulation, can enhance immunity, clear yanliang blood, analgesic stop urticant, prevent static electricity, do not lose hair, dispel crumbs to protect hair, shujinhuoxue, soothe the nerves to strengthen the brain, promote hair growth and so on unique health function.