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Uganda Independence Day
Oct 09, 2018

Uganda Independence Day

In March 1961, Uganda held its first general election, the Democratic Party won, and Benedikto Kiwanuka was appointed Chief Minister. In March 1962, Uganda exercised autonomy and Kiwanuka was the prime minister. In April of the same year, Uganda held another general election. The coalition of the People’s Congress and the Kabakayka Party won and established a bipartisan autonomous government. According to the agreement of the Ugandan Constitutional Convention held in London from June to July 1962, Uganda declared its independence on October 9, 1962 and remained in the Commonwealth.

Republic of Uganda, located in eastern Africa, across the equator, landlocked countries. Uganda is bordered by Sudan in the north, bordering Kenya in the east, Victoria Lake in the southwest, Tanzania and Rwanda in the south, and Congo in the west. Capital Kampala on the edge of Lake Victoria

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