JDK (Shenzhen) Makeup Brush Factory


JDK is professional manufacturer focused on men’s care products since 2007 in Shenzhen, China. With over 13years’ experience in manufacturing, JDK owned experiment workers with exquisite craft and production processing technology skills. JDK only offer high quality products.

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Hot Products
  • Repair of the horn comb

    If you have a bend, you can bake it on the fire and then use the appropriate weight for a period of time to recover.

  • Maintenance of the Horn comb

    Horn is brittle, bogey fall, so be sure to pay attention to protect Oh! Some of the horn comb will have varying degrees of bending or deformation,

  • Use of angle Comb

    The horn is made from horns, and the horn is a traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times.

  • Sandalwood Comb

    Sandalwood because of its hard wood, aroma and fragrance of the eternal, colorful and changeable and hundred poison, eternal immortality, but also to ward off evil, it is also known as the Holy Tan.